For Teachers

Dear teachers,
On this page we would like to give you some useful information on our learning portals as well as some suggestions on how to use the portals in class.

General information

Find general information about our projects and our team at About us.
In addition to our learning portals we have two blogs which we would like to introduce:
  • The Blog Sprachen Lernen Online informs you and anyone interested in didactics and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) about the didactical composition of our learning portals. Use this blog to exchange didactical ideas with us and other teachers.
Our learning portals need the contribution of many different people. We invite you to contribute as well! Please send us your ideas and suggestions on existing or new learning contents.
If your school has a website, a link to our learning portals would be appreciated. That way you can support us in reaching a lot of learners.
As it is our goal to get as many learners as possible interested in our portals, we permit a broad distribution of the learning contents. Please see Copyright to learn more.

Using the portals in class

Please use our various learning portals in class. There are many different ways to do so:
  • Let your students work independently on computers. Let them explore our learning portals, choose learning contents they are interested in/according to their needs, or work on learning units which you have given them.
  • You can also use the learning portals without computers. For example, print out the contents and hand them out to your students. You may also download audio files and burn them onto a CD in order to play them in class. To save the files, just click on the link "audiofile as mp3" which can be found below every player.

Suggestions and ideas on how to use the learning contents in class

The following suggestions are exemplary and supposed to give you a first impression on how to use the learning contents in class. If you have any further ideas, we would appreciate you sending them to us or sharing them on our Blog. We are also interested in hearing about your experiences with using our learning portals in class.
  • Encourage your students to use the learning portals at home in order to give depth to various subjects or to study further according to their interests.
  • Use the language course as an interactive counterpart to the language course of your textbook. That way you introduce your students to multimedia.
  • Use a vocabulary presentation to establish a vocabulary cinema in class by connecting a laptop to a beamer.
  • Use the learning contents to start a topic. Our "Überblicksbilder"? on various topics and word fields are very appropriate/easily applicable for this purpose.
  • Present a word list to your class using a beamer. You can purposefully hide certain contents which your students have to guess. You can also make a group game out of it.
  • Choose adequate word lists according to the topics in your textbook and encourage your students to use the word lists for autonomous learning.
We hope we could give you some suggestions for using the learning portals in class. Our ideas are only a sample of possibilities of what the portals can offer. In any case the use of computers in class as a new learning medium can be motivating to your students. You can foster autonomous learning and adapt your teaching to your students' needs.