Join our guided language course and follow the Fernandez family to England. This course is suitable for beginners or intermediate learners who want to improve their language competency.
The individual units of the language course deal with the two important areas of vocabulary and grammar. Furthermore, they help you develop and improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills! Our many exercises and a final test make sure that you practice the contents sufficiently and improve your English competency.

Introduction of the Fernandez family

Andreas is a 37 year-old German. He has a daughter named Anna. Some years ago, he went to Brazil during his holidays. That's where he met Maria. Maria is Brazilian. She has a son named Pedro.
When Andreas was in Brazil, he fell in love with Maria. One year later, Maria and her son Pedro moved to Germany. Andreas and Maria got married. Andreas and his daughter Anna took Maria's family name Fernandez.
Maria and Pedro have lived with Andreas and his daughter Anna as a family in Germany for three years. Recently, Andreas' company asked him to move to Filton, England, the centre of the British aircraft industry. Our story starts with their flight to England.
A few facts about the Fernandez family:

Maria Fernandez

  • 34-years old
  • home country: Brazil
  • mother tongue: Portuguese
  • works as a travel agent
  • personal interests: culture, languages, art
  • qualities: warm, open-minded, caring
  • foreign languages: English, Spanish, German

Pedro Fernandez

  • 15-years old
  • Maria's son
  • home country: Brazil
  • mother tongue: Portuguese
  • school level: 8th grade
  • personal interests: music, playing the guitar, computer
  • qualities: intelligent, shy, warm
  • foreign languages: English, German

Andreas Fernandez

  • 37-years old
  • home country: Germany
  • mother tongue: German
  • works as an aircraft structural engineer
  • personal interests: any kind of sport
  • qualities: sporty, open-minded
  • foreign language: English

Anna Fernandez

  • 11-years old
  • Andreas' daughter
  • home country: Germany
  • mother tongue: German
  • school level: 5th grade
  • personal interests: football, reading, sport in general
  • qualities: self-confident, smart, sporty
  • foreign language: English