At a restaurant

"What would you like to eat?" That's what a waiter might ask in an English-speaking country. You actually know what you would like to eat but how to order it in English? The following example sentences show you what a waiter might say and what possibly to reply. Not only guests-to-be but also waiters-to-be can practise here for communicative situations at a restaurant.


What the waiter could say or ask

What can I do for you?
Have you booked a table?
Would you like to see the menu?
Could I take your order, sir/ madam?
What would you like to start with?
What would you like to drink? / Anything to drink?
What would you like for main course / for dessert?
Is everything alright?
Enjoy your meal!

What the guest could say or ask

I’ll have… / I am having…
As an entrée I'll have a salad and for main course I'd like the roast beef.
Could I have chips instead of potatoes, please?
Is there anything you would recommend?
Could you recommend a wine?
Could I have the bill, please? (British English) / Could I have the check, please? (American English)
No, please. This is on me.

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