Showing somebody around town

Listen to the dialogue and complete it with the Drag and Drop exercise.
  • Okay, we would love to see the playground! But let's go and eat something afterwards. I'm hungry!
  • Ah, you are right, there is the sign with the name on it. What's that building down the street?
  • Yes, I can see it! It looks great! What's the name of the school?
  • Good to know! Let's go and have lunch there later.
  • Look, there is your new school, can you see it?
  • The name of the school is Filton High.
  • Oh, that's a shop.
  • Sure! But first, I want to show you the playground.
Practise the dialogue. Listen to speaker 1 and speak the other part.
Listen to speaker 2 and speak the other part.

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