Learning Grammar

Grammar is an important part of every language. It is a set of rules that govern the composition of phrases, clauses and words. These rules have to be learnt in order to apply them correctly. Enhance your grammar learning with our tips.

Suggestions for improving grammar learning

  • Grammar is not isolated from vocabulary. The two are interrelated. Therefore, learn vocabulary in chunks (like "How are you?", "Good morning" or "Happy Birthday"). Thereby you can internalise grammar rules.
  • Own a grammar book. Make it a habit to look through the book and read a short section about one aspect of grammar. Afterwards, repeat in your mind what you have read.
  • Do grammar exercises. Repetition is essential. After learning some new grammar, try to apply what you have learnt.
  • Be an explorer. Read and listen to texts in the foreign language and try to notice characteristics of grammar use. Then take your grammar book and look up the correspondent rules. After that, make up your own sentences applying the rules you have learnt.
  • Write down phrases that contain and apply certain grammar rules. Study and repeat these phrases every day. Then make up your own.
  • Read books in the foreign language. Thereby you improve your grammar knowledge withouth realising it.
  • Use techniques like creating a mind-map or a table to get an overview of grammar rules and to structure your knowledge.