Final Test

Now test your knowledge in an exercise which combines all three types!
  1.  If you want to come with us, 
     (have my sister's bike).

  2.  If I was an old man, 
     (sit in the sun and read books all day).

  3.  If you lend me some money, 
     (buy ice-cream).

  4.  If she likes animals, 
     (play with our dog).

  5.  If you were taller, 
     (be able to reach the shelf).

  6.  If I had had the time, 
     (study more).

  7.  If I found one million dollar on the street, 
     (not work for the rest of my life).

  8.  If he had read the book, 
     (be able to do the test).


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