Take a look at the following chart. These prepositions all express a location of something or someone. Every preposition is illustrated with a picture and some example sentences.
  • The cups are in the cupboard.
  • The children play in the house.
  • She sits in her room.
  • We live in a city.
  • We live in England.
  • There is water in the bottle.
  • They get in the car.
  • The glasses are on the table.
  • Let's sit on the couch.
  • The bathroom is on the first floor.
  • There is a picture on the wall.
  • There is a sign on the door.
  • She sits on a chair.
  • They lie on the floor watching TV.
  • There is a man at the door.
  • Let's meet at the restaurant.
  • Our house is at the end of the street.
  • They have dinner at the table.
  • The children are at school.
next to
next to
  • The little girl sits next to the man.
  • There is an armchair next to the couch.
  • We live next to the Smiths.
  • The boy is hiding under the table.
  • A cat is sitting under the car.
  • I have some boxes under my bed.
  • A plane flies above the clouds.
  • There are birds above our house.
  • Let's go to Spain.
  • They drive to the supermarket.
  • I must go to school.
  • Can you take me to the hospital?
  • There must be salt among all these spices.
  • There is a spy among us.
  • Rachel sits between her two friends.
  • There is a little garden between the two houses.
  • There are several cars driving behind the red car.
  • There is a garden behind our house.
  • We have a garage behind our house.
  • She is hiding behind the couch.
in front of
in front of
  • The couple is standing in front of a building.
  • Let's meet in front of the shop.
  • The car is in front of the house.
  • They wait in front of the school.
Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.
  1. At 8 am, the children go school.
  2. They sit the couch and watch TV.
  3. The bell rings. There must be someone the door.
  4. There is the Carter's house and the Smith's house. So the Carters live the Smith's.
  5. The Fernandez family now lives England.
  6. There is a house, a garden and another house next to it. There is a garden the two houses.
  7. While the parents are at work, their children are school.
Choose the correct preposition.
  1. Look, there is a cat hiding the car.
  2. There is water the bottle.
  3. A plane flies the clouds.
  4. Look, there is a picture of us the wall.
  5. They wait the school.

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