Type II

Conditional sentences of the second type express things that are unlikely to become true or can never be true. Although the if-clause is in the simple past, they refer to either the present or the future.
They are formed by an if-clause in simple past and a main clause with would/could/might + infinitive.
Take a look at the following examples:
If I was a famous sports-man, I would be very rich.
If Lara wasnot that arrogant, we would get along very well.
If your shoes were not that dirty, you could leave them on in the house.
Now try to get used to the way the second type works. Complete the following sentences with what you would do, if…
  1. If I could travel to a foreign county,
  2. If I could be a celebrity for one day,
  3. If I could choose a supernatural power,
  4. If I was an animal,

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