Demonstrative pronouns

You use demonstrative pronouns to make statements about people, things and places. The pronouns are:
  • this, these
  • that, those
Use "this" with a single person, thing or place that is close to you: I like this park very much. This car has broken down. This is my sister.
Use "these" with many people, things or places that are close to you: These are my parents. These drinks taste great. I like these colours.
Use "that" with a single person, thing or place that is not close to you: I don't like that park in London very much. That car over there has broken down. That was my sister on the phone. That movie yesterday was great.
Use "those" with many people, things or places that are not close to you: Those are my parents over there. Those books of yours were very good! Do you see those cars in front of that yellow house?
You can also use this/these and that/those to talk about time: The weather is bad these days. now and the days before Women had no rights in those days. many years ago
Complete the sentences by choosing the correct pronoun: this, these, that or those.
  1.  are Pedro's friends over there.

  2.  Here, 
     are her parents.

  3.  is Anna's mother on the phone.

  4.  Here, 
     are your books.

  5.  Can you see 
     girl over there?

  6.  Look, 
     is my English teacher over there.

  7.  is Pedro's sister Anna. She is 11 years old.


There is/are

There is a difference between "This is" and the chunk "There is".
You use the chunk "There is" when you say that something exists: There is a post office in town. There is a car in front of the house.
Use "There is" with one person, thing or place and "There are" with many people, things or places: There is only one glass left. There are three drinks on the table. There is a playground next to the house. There are many shops in town.
Read the sentences. Then write either "there" or "this" in the gaps.
  1.  are many countries in the world where people speak English, but 
     is the one where I found a good job.
  2.  is my brother's room. All in all, 
     are five rooms in the house.
  3.  is a picture of my class in the other room. But look, 
     is a picture of my family right here.
Complete the sentences. Write the chunk "There is" or "There are" in the gap.
  1.  five oceans in the world.

  2.  another ocean called the Atlantic Ocean.

  3.  seven continents on our planet.

  4.  50 states in the United States of America.

  5.  an ocean called the Pacific Ocean.


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