Unit Test

How much do you remember from this unit?
Check what you have learned!
Read the following text. A girl describes what she sees in a picture. Complete the text. Put the verbs in brackets in the present progressive tense and write them into the gaps.
  • "There is a huge train station in the picture. Many people (to walk) around. Some people (to talk) to each other. Most people (to carry) a piece of luggage. I think I also see a woman. She (to wait) for her train."
Change the positive statements into questions. To pose the question, use all the words from the statement.
  1. Julia is reading a good book. ⁠?
  2. You are going to the party. ⁠?
  3. John and Tobi are watching TV. ⁠?
  4. He is doing the grocery shopping! ⁠?
Read what Julia says about her habits and her plans. Then complete the text. Write "some" or "any" into the gaps.
  • "Every Saturday I go to the grocery store. I usually buy a lot of different things for the whole week: vegetables, meat, potatoes, pasta, sweets and also fruits. Today I want to bake a cake. I already have many things at home. I have eggs, flower and milk, but I don't have sugar. Also, I don't have chocolate chips at home, but I have chocolate bars that I could use. Still, I need to go to the store to get sugar."
Practise again all the vocabulary you have learned in this unit.

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