You use the imperative form when you tell someone what to do:
  • Johnny, come here!
  • Be quiet!
  • Julia, hurry up!
  • Go to bed!
  • Give me your book!
You always use the infinitive form of the verb. It doesn't matter if you talk to one or more than one person:
  • meet: Julia, meet me there! and Julia and Johnny, meet me there!
  • listen: Julia, listen! and Julia and Johnny, listen!
  • go: Julia, go away! and Julia and Johnny, go away!
When you tell someone NOT to do something, you use "Do not/Don't": + the infinitive:
  • Johnny, don't hurry!
  • Don't look!
  • Julia, do not speak!
  • Don't go away!
  • Do not give it to him!
Read the text below. Find all the imperatives and click on them.