Inside the house

Before you listen:

What do you think the story is about? Listen to the audio file. Then choose the right answer.
  • The story is about
    • how the house looks from the inside and how many rooms there are.
    • how their neighbour's house looks from the outside.
    • how the house looks from the outside and if they have a back-yard.

While you listen:

Listen to the story and choose the correct numbers.
  1. How many armchairs are in the living room?
    • two (2)
    • four (4)
    • five (5)
  2. How many windows are in the living room?
    • five (5)
    • four (4)
    • two (2)
  3. How many cupboards are in the living room?
    • one (1)
    • two (2)
    • three (3)
  4. How many bathrooms are on the first floor?
    • one (1)
    • two (2)
    • three (3)

The inside of the new house

Dave and the Fernandez family get out of the car. Dave takes the house keys out of his pocket. He walks up to the front door.
Andreas, please take the keys! They are yours now.
Thank you, Dave! Kids, are you ready to see your new house?
Anna and Pedro:
Yes! Quick, open the door!
They enter the house and look around.
This is the kitchen. It's a little small, but in here is a large living room with four huge windows.
Daddy look, there are already a two red armchairs, three cupboards and a big, red couch in the living room!
Everything looks great! But where are the bedrooms?
The bedrooms are upstairs. There are also two bathrooms.
The adults walk upstairs. Anna and Pedro run. They hear Anna shouting for joy.
Wow, have a look at this! This is my room, it has green walls! I love it! And this is Pedro's room!
Yes, I like it. Look, we already have wardrobes and beds!
Dave shows Andreas and Maria their bedroom. There is also a nice bathroom and a small balcony.
Oh, I can't wait until all our belongings arrive!
The truck comes tomorrow. I hope everything works out. But for now, I will leave you to enjoy your new home. If you have any more questions, please call me! Andreas, see you next week! Bye everyone.
Bye Dave! And thank you for everything!

After you listened:

Read or listen to the story again. Then answer the questions.
  1. Are the bedrooms on the first floor?
    • Yes, they are on the first floor.
    • No, they are on the second floor.
  2. Is the new couch green?
    • Yes, it is green.
    • No, it is red.
  3. Is the new kitchen small?
    • No, it is big.
    • Yes, it is small.
  4. Where is the little balcony?
    • The parents' bedroom has a little balcony.
    • Pedro's room has a little balcony.
  5. What colour are the walls in Anna's new bedroom?
    • The walls are green.
    • The walls are yellow.
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