The house-warming party

Before you listen:

What do you like to do in your free time? Decide using Drag and Drop. There is no right or wrong answer!
  • boardgame
    playing boardgames
  • watch TV
    watching TV
  • play the piano
    playing an instrument
  • cycle
  • read
  • football
    playing football
  • swimming
  • play on the computer
    being on the computer
I like…
I don't like…

While you listen:

Select the hobbies that are mentioned in the story from the list below.
The Fernandez family welcomes two families to their house-warming party. Both families live in the neighbourhood. The adults sit on the porch in the back-yard and prepare the barbecue. The children run around in the garden and get to know each other. They talk about their hobbies.
I'm Michael and this is my brother Josh. I play tennis every weekend and I like football. Josh plays football, too. His team practises every Tuesday. What kind of sports do you play?
I also play football! But I am not on a team yet.
I don't play much sport. But after school, I like to ride my bike or go swimming. Sometimes I like playing football as well.
Hey, let's play football! We have a ball in the.. erhm.. what do you call that in English?
She points to the garage.
That? Oh that's the garage.
Right. The garage. Thanks Michael. Let's go and get the ball.
They get the ball and play football together. After some time, they are really thirsty.
How about something to drink? Let's go inside.
Pedro goes into the kitchen with Michael and Josh. Anna stays outside. She walks over to the adults. They are talking about football. Mr. Smith from next door tells Andreas that he works for the Bristol football stadium.
Mr. Smith:
I can get some cheap tickets to the weekend games. How about we all go?
Yeah, that's a great idea! I'm sure the kids would really enjoy it.
Yes, please daddy! Let's go to a football match! That would be so great! Could we go inside the stadium before everyone else?
Mr. Smith winks at her.
Mr. Smith:
Let's see what I can do!

After you listened:

Read the following questions and choose the right answer.
  • Do all the children like playing football?
    • Yes, they all like playing football.
    • No, nobody likes playing football.
  • Does Pedro like swimming?
    • No, he doesn't like swimming.
    • Yes, he really likes swimming.
  • Which English word does Anna not know?
    • She doesn't know the English word for "garage".
    • She doesn't know the English word for "house".
  • Who says: "Let's play football!"?
    • Josh suggests playing football.
    • Anna suggests playing football.
  • Where do they all want to go on the weekend?
    • They want to go to the zoo.
    • They want to go to a football stadium.
  • Why do the children go back to the house?
    • They want something to drink.
    • They want something to eat.
You're done with this part of the story.