Unit Test

How much do you remember from this unit?
Check what you have learned!
Read the following text. You can also listen to it. Then choose from the list below what Peter likes and what he doesn't like. Use the colour yellow for the things he likes and the colour orange for the things he doesn't like.
Peter has a new penpal. He introduces himself in his first e-mail. He writes:
"Hi Daniel. How are you? I'm fine. My name is Peter and I'm 16 years old. I come from London. In my free time, I do a lot of things. For example, I like playing the guitar and listening to music. I don't like reading though. I rather like playing games with my little brother and going outside. When I'm outside, I prefer riding my bike or playing football. Even though I like sports, I don't like playing volleyball or tennis. And I hate running! However, sometimes I like to go swimming. I also enjoy going to the city and meeting my friends. When I'm in the city, I can't stand sightseeing. What are your hobbies, Daniel? Do you like sports? Hope to hear from you soon! Take care, Peter."
Read the following answers and write the questions. Always use the same words as given in the answers. For example: __________? – No, he doesn't like reading. You write: Does he like reading? If you need help, read our grammar explanations on yes-no-questions.
  1.  ? – Yes, she enjoys horseback riding.

  2.  ? – No, he doesn't hate going outside.

  3.  ? – Yes, they enjoy playing board games.

  4.  ? – Yes, she likes playing the guitar.

  5.  ? – Yes, they prefer drinking wine.

  6.  ? – Yes, she likes playing sports.

Decide, if you need the ing-form (Gerund) or not. If you need help you can look here.
  1.  Let's walk the dog! Why not 
     the dog?

  2.  Let's watch a movie! How about 
     a movie?

  3.  Let's have soup for lunch! What about 
     soup for lunch?

  4.  Let's meet Mum for dinner! Shall we 
     Mum for lunch?

  5.  Let's ask Tom to come over! How about 
     Tom to come over?

  6.  Let's go upstairs! Why not 

Complete the dialogue using the Drag and Drop exercise! Then practise it (with a partner).
  • Oh that's easy, it's computer!
  • You're very welcome!
  • Yes, it's refrigerator! Do you need to know any other words?
  • Hey, I am just studying English. Do you know the English word for
  • Yes, what's
    in English?
  • Right, I forgot! Thank you for your help!

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