Use the following exercise to practise your writing skills.

Inviting someone to a wedding

Complete the written invitation. Write the following mixed-up words or chunks in the gaps: join, Yours, invite, Dear, starts, 2 pm, on.
  • Mum and Dad.
  • We cordially you to celebrate our wedding day with us! As you know, we are getting married Friday, February 2nd. The church service will be held at St. Paul's Chapel. It at ⁠. Afterwards, us for dinner at the City Hotel.
  • ⁠, Julia and Peter.


Use the following exercise to practise your speaking skills!

Inviting someone to a birthday party

Listen to the dialogue below. Then choose the correct reply. Afterwards, practise the whole dialogue.
  1. Hey there, how are you? Good to see you!
    • Good to see you, too. I'm fine, how are you?
    • Thanks, you too. I'm great and you?
    • Hi, you, too. How is it going?
  2. Good, thanks. Listen, I am having a birthday party next Friday. Do you want to come?
    • Sure, I'd love to!
    • Yes, why not.
    • Yes, thank you. What time?
  3. Great! The party starts around 9 pm at my place.
    • Okay, I'll be there. What do you want for your birthday?
    • All right. What do you want as a present?
    • Okay, I could probably only make it at 10.
  4. Oh no presents, please. Just bring something to drink, that would be great.
    • Sure, I'll do that. Can I bring my boyfriend, too?
    • Right. Can my boyfriend come?
    • Okay, no problem. I can come with my boyfriend, can't I?
  5. Of course! So I'll see you two on Friday!
    • All right. See you.
    • Yeah. Can't wait!
    • Yes, thanks for the invitation!
  6. I'm glad you can come! See you soon.
    • See you.
    • Take care.
    • Bye!
Now practise the dialogue. Listen to speaker 1 and speak the other part.
Listen to speaker 2 and speak the other part.
Wow, you've finished the unit!