Use the following exercise to practise your writing skills.

The forms of "to be"

Fill in the gaps with the forms of "to be (am, is, are)".
  • Pedro on the plane. He says: "I thirsty. The stewardess gives him a can of Coke. Anna and Maria are also thirsty. Their drinks two glasses of water. They not hungry.


Use the following exercise to practise your speaking skills!

Offering something to drink

Read the dialogue below and listen to it.
Practise the dialogue. Listen to the black part and speak the blue part.
Now speak the black part and listen to the blue part.
  • "Hi!" – "Hello!"
  • "Are you hungry?" – "No, I'm not."
  • "Are you thirsty?" – "Yes, I am."
  • "Would you like a lemonade?" – "Yes, please."
  • "Here's your lemonade." – "Thank you." – "You're welcome."
  • "Goodbye." – "Bye."