Use the following exercise to practise your writing skills.

Talking about possession

Rewrite the sentences as shown in the example. Use a possessive relation. Example: Julia has a new sweatshirt. Julia's new sweatshirt
  1. Anna has a beautiful ring.
  2. The kids have a great teacher.
  3. Johnny has a new bike.
  4. Mr. Smith has a red car.


Use the following exercise to practise your speaking skills!

Having an argument

Read the dialogue below and listen to it.
Practise the dialogue. Listen to the black part and speak the blue part.
Speak the black part and listen to the blue part.
  • "Hey, where is my new book?" – "I don't know. Why?"
  • "You had it last!" – "I don't know what you mean."
  • "The book about life in America!" – "Oh, right I gave it to a friend."
  • "What!! It's brand new! You just gave it away?" – "Stop shouting at me!"
  • "Call your friend and tell him to bring it right back!" – "Don't tell me what to do!!"
  • "It's my book! I want it back by tomorrow!" – "Calm down! I'll try to get it back."
  • "Okay." – "Alright."
Practise, what you have learned in this unit.