Unit test

How much have you remembered from Unit 2?
Check your knowledge with this short test.
Firstly, practise all the vocabulary again!

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Test if you understood this part of the story. Complete the sentences.
  1. They all go to Dave's car because
    • he will drive them to a shop.
    • he will drive them to their new home.
  2. The Fernandez family has just arrived in England because
    • they are moving to England.
    • they are going on a holiday.
  3. Dave Miller is
    • a taxi driver.
    • one of Andreas' colleagues at Filton airport.
Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
  1. This is not a family member, but Anna enjoys her company in her free time. She is her best ⁠.
  2. Pedro's female sibling is called Anna. So she is his ⁠.
  3. Pedro: Maria is my mother, so I am her ⁠.
  4. A mother and father are their child's ⁠.
Write yes/no questions and wh-questions. Use the words in brackets. Be careful, they are in the wrong order!
  1. (she – from – Brazil – Is) ⁠?
  2. (you – her – Are – brother) ⁠?
  3. (name – your – What's) ⁠?
  4. (you – Where – are – from) ⁠?
Congratulations, you have just finished the Unit test!