Articles are words that you use with nouns. An article determines the noun. The articles in the English language are the, a, an:
  • the car down the street, the man next to you
  • a book, an apple, a bottle
An article belongs to a noun, but it can also be placed before a number or an adjective: the man, the tall man, the two men, the two tall men.
As you can see, there are two different kinds of articles:
  • the definite article the:
    You use it before a singular or a plural noun when you talk about one or more specific member(s) of a group (things, places or people) that is known to you:
    the tall man, the big house, the man next to me;
  • the indefinite articles a/an:
    You use them before a singular noun when you talk about any general thing:
    a line, a house, a kitchen, a person, an apple, an airport, an idea, an umbrella.
  • You use the article a before nouns/adjectives or numbers that start with a consonant:
    a line, a kitchen, a person, a dog, a book, a tall man, a five-year-old boy, a job interview.
  • You use the article an before nouns that start with a vowel:
    an apple, an idea, an umbrella, an egg, an hour, an eight-year-old girl, an interview.
Choose between the article a and an.
  1.  She has 

  2.  They have 
     female English teacher.

  3.  There is 
     airport close to the city.

  4.  She has 
     new armchair.

  5.  We will give him 
     book for his birthday.

  6.  He eats 

  7.  There is 
     school around the corner.

  8.  Do you have 
     armchair in your room?

Write a, an or the into the gap.
  1.  He is 
     best teacher at the school.

  2.  I need 
     new TV.

  3.  city that she likes the most is New York City.

  4.  book she bought yesterday is not so good.

  5.  They have 
     eight-year-old girl.

  6.  He works as 

  7.  She is 
     nice girl.

  8.  She is 
     nicest girl I know.

Great, you've finished with the grammar!