Use the following exercise to practise your writing skills.

Arranging to meet someone

arranging to meet someone
Read the first e-mail below. Then complete the answer by filling in the gaps. Use the same words as in the first e-mail.
Hi Maria, How are you? What are you doing next Friday night? Why don't we meet and have dinner together? I can pick you up at 7 pm. I know a nice little restaurant! Please answer soon so we can arrange to meet. If you don't have time on Friday, please let me know. I am also free on Saturday. By the way, can I have your number? Love, Tom
  • Dear Tom, Thank you for your e-mail! I'm fine, how are you? I would love to see you. But I'm sorry, I don't have time on ⁠. Saturday is great, though! I work until 6.30 pm, so o'clock pm is too early. You can me up at 7.45 pm. I can't wait to see you! I'm looking forward to ⁠! Please call me to confirm the date. My telephone is 783-865. Yours, Maria.


Use the following exercise to practise your speaking skills!

A telephone call at the directory assistance

Listen to the dialogue and complete it with the Drag and Drop exercise! Then practise it (with a partner).
Listen to speaker 1 and speak the other part.
Listen to speaker 2 and speak the other part.
  • Hi, the number of the New York Visitor Information Centre, please.
  • Okay, I'll hang on.
  • Yes, the ZIP-Code is 10019.
  • Thank you!
  • Bye!
  • Directory assistance, how may I help you?
  • Do you know the ZIP-Code?
  • Just a second please.
  • The number is 212-484-1222.
  • You're welcome. Have a nice day. Bye.
In this unit, you've learned a lot of new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.