Unit test

How much do you remember from Unit 6?
Test your knowledge with our unit test.
Practise short answers in the simple present. Choose the right form and complete the answer.
  1.  Do they often eat at a restaurant? – Yes, they 

  2.  Do you mind if I borrow your book? – No, I 

  3.  Does she really come from Italy? – Yes, she 

  4.  Does he live with you? – No, he 

  5.  Do we need any milk? – Yes, we 

  6.  Do you live with your parents? – Yes, I 

Write questions in the simple present tense. Use the words from the answers. For example: If the answer is Yes, she plays football. then write Does she play football?.
  1.  ? – No, he doesn't play tennis.

  2.  ? – Yes, they come to the party.

  3.  ? – Yes, she goes to college.

  4.  ? – No, we don't go to the movies.

  5.  ? – Yes, we have dinner at 6 pm.


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