Unit test

How much have you remembered from this unit?
Check your knowledge with this short test.

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Practise the 's-genitive. Decide what you need:
  • the possessive 's;
  • a plural s' with an apostrophe;
  • only the apostrophe '.
Look at the example: The book of Anna Anna's book
  1. The dresses of the stewardesses. The stewardesses dresses.
  2. The words of Jesus. Jesus words.
  3. The house of her parents. Her parent house.
  4. The phone of the brother. The brother phone.
  5. The friend of Thomas. Thomas friend.
  6. The football of John. John football.
Choose a typical reaction to the imperative form.
  1. Peter, go away! Leave me alone.
    • Peter starts to scream.
    • Peter goes out of the room.
  2. Julia, go to bed!
    • Julia gets up and says: "Good night!"
    • Julia starts to watch a movie.
  3. Hey, don't look! It's a surprise.
    • The boy closes his eyes.
    • The boy calls his father.
  4. Steven, come inside! Dinner is ready.
    • Steven goes into the house.
    • Steven runs away.
Choose the correct preposition.
  1. There is water the bottle.
  2. A plane flies the clouds.
  3. Look, there is a cat hiding the car.
  4. They wait the school.
  5. Look, there is a picture of us the wall.
Great! You have finished the unit test!