At second sight

General information

  • duration: 1 hour 57 minutes (listening time)
  • niveau: C1

About the book

This audio book was written and recorded by the students of the graduation class 2013 at the Robert-Schuman-Gymnasium in Cham (Germany) under the leadership of Stefan Amberger. It is the impressive result of a project oriented seminar called "Radioplay". We would like to congratulate the class on their very good work. They have produced an interesting audio book of good quality. But although their pronunciation is very good, we would like to let you know that there might be some minor pronunciation mistakes in the recording and that the text and the audio files differ slightly sometimes. Speakers: Franziska Bretthauer, Sofie Huber, Miriam Konrad, Lena Kopfmann, Anja Kürzinger, Caroline Obermeier, Jessica Sander, Anna Wagner, Christian Wilde, Leah Memmel


Eileen Beckett, a young, vivid woman, is studying English and Literature in Cork, Ireland, when her world suddenly breaks down: after she has already lost her mother, now her father, a well-known policeman, has died – apparently a natural death. Soon she has to find out that nothing is the way it seems and at this point a long and stressful research for the real cause of her father’s death begins. The deeper Eileen gets into this story, the more dangerous and confusing it becomes. Eventually she finds out more details than she wanted to know in the first place…

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