Before you listen:

The story starts with the birth of Benjamin Button. However, there seems to be something wrong with Benjamin.
Listen to the excerpt of the story. Then guess what might be the answer to the question below. There is no right or wrong answer. It's just a guess. You will find out the answer later on, when listening to the audiobook.
Why does the doctor react so strangely?
  • The baby has got three arms.
  • The baby is an alien.
  • The baby is an old man.
  • The baby is tiny.
Look at the title of the story. The adjective "curious" has got two meanings. Decide which meaning is used.
  • Which meaning of the adjective "curious" is used in the title?
    • The adjective curious describes someone or something that is unusual, odd and bizarre.
    • The adjective curious decribes someone who wants to explore things and asks many questions.
How would you describe a baby? Do the following exercise and decide which words fit to a baby.
  • Which words fit to a new-born baby?
    • cute
    • can speak
    • cannot speak
    • small
    • old
    • young

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