On the plane to England

Before you listen:

Before you listen to the text, look at the picture below.
Choose the right answer:
  1. Pedro's drink is
    • a glass of water.
    • a can of lemonade.
    • a cup of coffee.
  2. The family is
    • on a plane.
    • in a car.
    • on a train.

While you listen:

Listen to the text. Are the answers true or false?
  1. The pilot says: "Welcome on our plane."
    • false
    • true
  2. Maria's drink is a can of lemonade.
    • false
    • true
  3. Andreas' drink is a cup of coffee.
    • false
    • true

On the plane

The pilot:
Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome on board!
The stewardess:
Hi, are you hungry?
No, I am not. Thank you.
The stewardess:
Are you thirsty?
Yes, I am. A lemonade, please.
Excuse me, can I have a cup of coffee, please?
The stewardess:
And two glasses of water for me and Anna, please.
The stewardess:
Four glasses of water?
No, only two.
The stewardess:
Oh ok. No problem. Here is your water.
Thank you.
The stewardess:
You're welcome. Enjoy the flight.

After you listened:

Listen to or read the text again and fill in the gaps with the correct form of to be.
  1.  Hi, 
     you hungry?

  2.  No, I 
     not. Thank you.

  3.  Here 
     your water.


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