The removal van arrives

Before you listen:

Which words do you remember from the around the house category? Write them in the field below. Afterwards you can read the sample solution.
house, key, door, window, wall, home, room, stairs, steps, ceiling, floor, garden, balcony, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, bed, wardrobe, cupboard, couch, shelf, table, chair, armchair


While you listen:

Listen carefully for the items that the workers take out of the removal van and click on them below.

Something is missing

Early in the morning, Pedro looks out of the window and calls his parents.
Hey, the removal van is here!
Finally! Come on, let's go outside.
They all go outside and greet the men.
Hello, I'm Andreas!
Hi, nice to meet you! Let's start unloading. There is a lot to do!
Okay. Kids, can you help us, please?
They take many things out of the van. There are boxes with clothes, books and paintings. They put all the boxes in the living room. Maria starts unpacking them.
Can you see the crockery anywhere? We really need some and I can't find any.
Well, our company told us to bring the crockery together with the small furniture in the second van.
Oh no! How can we eat without any crockery? On what day does the second van come?
It comes on Wednesday, Madam.
That's in two days. Well, at what time?
It will be here at 9 o'clock in the morning.
Alright, that's fine. Until then, we will just use some paper plates. What's your phone number? Just in case something else is missing.
It's 321098.
Okay, thanks. See you on Wednesday!

After you listened:

Read the questions below. Then complete the sentences by filling in the missing word.
  1.  In the beginning, where do they put all the boxes? – They put all the boxes in the 

  2.  Who sees the removal van first? - 
     sees the removal van first and then calls his parents.

  3.  When will the second removal van come? – It will come on 

  4.  What is missing? – The 
     is missing.


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