Chapter 9

Eileen woke up early on Sunday morning. She went down-stairs and had breakfast with Roberta and some German people who rented a room in the B&B on the upper floor. Their English was bad but their stories were funny. They were a couple in their forties and all in all they were refreshing company.
Eileen: Good morning all together! How are you?
Mr. Müller: (with German accent) Gut Morning. Sänks, we're good. And you?
Eileen: Oh, I'm fine, thanks. Where are you from?
Mrs. Müller: We're from Bavaria. From a little village near the Alps. Sorry, but our English isn't the best.
Mr. Müller: Ohhh yeah! Aber Schatz, you are the better talker than me. (laughing)
Mrs. Müller: You're right honey, but it's good enough to come through.
Roberta: There's your breakfast, sweetheart. Fried eggs, your favourite.
Mr. Müller: They are really great. I like them, too. An guaden!
Eileen: Thanks Roberta. But what exactly does "an goodden" mean!?
Mrs. Müller: Oh, that's ähm, wait, let me think, it's like "Enjoy your meal".
Eileen: Ah, thanks! An goodden. (Smiling in the voice)
Eileen went upstairs again and watched TV, then started her laptop and after getting bored of the internet she had a show-er. Liam was going to pick her up at 10:30am but right now it was only 9am so she had a lot of free time. She went down-stairs again and asked Roberta for her newspaper, because she wanted to check the job-advertisements. But there was nothing Eileen wanted to apply for. Back in her room, she read her diary again and started her new book. Eileen had found a fantastic cosy little bookstore near Chinatown. At 10am she started to pack her beach bag, she applied little make up because she would go swimming anyway. She was wearing a beach dress and sandals. Her cell phone rang and she got a message from Liam saying: I'll be there in 2 minutes, hon. Eileen laughed out loud and went downstairs to wait for him.
Roberta: Why are you laughing?
Eileen: Nothing, it's just Liam.
Roberta: Ah, what else!? So when exactly are you going to introduce your boyfriend to me?
Eileen stopped laughing.
"Oh, I'm not so sure if that's really a good idea. And he is not my boyfriend!!
Roberta: Are you sure? Then tell me, why are you always smiling when you meet him, ha?
Eileen's face turned red.
Eileen: That's not true…. It's just like… I mean… He's cute and all, but – Ah Roberta, come on! Stop that!
And she hushed out of the house.
Liam: Good morning, beautiful!
Eileen: Hi!
He gave her a light kiss on her lips. They drove to the beach and to Eileen's horror Amy had brought her old surfing stuff. So there was no way of getting out of the deal. But as it turned out, Eileen wasn't bad at surfing; she even enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with the others who were trying to teach her. Spike was a good teacher but Liam always interrupted him because he wanted to show her himself. The next three weeks were exactly like that. Eileen met up with Liam and his friends; they went surfing, played volleyball, and went out together or just hung out at home. Eileen had a few more dates with Liam and became his unofficial girlfriend, and of course she and Liam also managed to spend some time alone. Eileen really enjoyed herself. After 4 weeks of playing around they officially became a couple and Eileen guessed Liam would induct her very soon in to his secret RH-Association. But how did she feel about him now? Was she still only dating him because she wanted to get some information?
And that's what happened exactly one week later. Liam and her had been to the cinema and were driving to his place afterwards. He was behaving kind of weird. They got inside, Eileen talked to Amy for some minutes and then Liam and Eileen went upstairs into Liam's room.
Eileen: Liam? What's wrong? Are you okay?
Liam: I'm fine, why?
Eileen: You look so shaken.
Liam: Oh, I just had a busy day at work, you know?
Eileen: Really? Sure there isn't anything else?
Liam: Can you read minds, Miss Cathy?
Eileen: No stupid, I can't. But i know that look on your face. You are plotting something!
Liam: Er, yes, but I really don't know where to start.
Eileen: How about starting at the beginning?
Liam: Okay, but it's a long story.
Eileen: Honey, I've got time.
Liam: Well, picture me at the age of 19. My family had had a rough time. My dad had just passed away and my mum couldn't find work. Amy had to cancel her university plans because we couldn't afford it and the bank wouldn't give us a credit.
Eileen: Oh god, really? I'm so sorry. But somehow you've managed, right? Both of you went to university.
Liam: Correct. See when I was 19 I worked at a fast food restaurant, but still, the salary was very low. I was working a late shift and got off work at 2 am. I was on my way home when a man came up to me and told me a great story.
Eileen: What story?
Liam: His name was Jonathan Cooper. He told me the story of his life. When he was younger his mother was really sick, but of course she didn't have any health insurance. His father took three jobs, was barely at home anymore, but the needed medication was still too expensive. His mother was suffering terribly and unfortunately passed away soon after. His father became an alcoholic because he blamed himself for her death.
Eileen: That's a very sad story. What happened to Jonathan?
Liam: He worked hard and eventually became a self-made millionaire.
Eileen: Okay, so this Jonathan told you about his past, right? But what's that got to do with you?
Liam: Jonathan – being very wealthy – hates American politics. He hates the lack of health insurance, the lack of retirement plans. He hates that studying is so expensive for young people. He hates the law-system; he thinks all the police around here are corrupt.
Eileen: So?
Liam: So you see, Jonathan knows a lot of people, people who share his views. And that's how he found out about me. Some-one told John that my family was poor, my father had died and my mum had to work a lot. So he had somebody spy on me, to see whether it's true.
Eileen: But, I don't understand. Why you? And what did he want from you?
Liam: Well, Jonathan had an idea planted in his mind for years, and he finally wanted to make it real
Eileen: What kind of idea?
Liam: Do you know the principle of old English Robin Hood?
Eileen: Yes, of course. Robin Hood was one of my favourite books when I was little.
Liam: So, what is it?
Eileen: Robin steals from the rich and gives money to the poor.
Liam: Exactly. And that's basically John's project.
Eileen: Oh. So he wanted you to steal from the rich and give it to the poor? How shall I imagine that?
Liam: Well, he taught us how to break in properly. He showed Spike a lot of technical stuff, how to deal with security cams and alarm systems. The stuff we steal goes to the homeless and the poor.
Eileen: Wow.
Liam: And Jonathan pays us, of course. He made it possible for Amy and me to attend university. He gave us the start-up budget for our family business. We are now able to support our mother.
Eileen: Does anyone EVER get hurt?
Liam: No, we mostly break in when the rich are on holiday or a big event like a dance or something.
Eileen: And is it just the two of you, Spike and you?
Liam: Nah, there are more of us! Amy and Tif are in on the party and so are Alex and some of his friends. And we are just one group. Jonathan has about 80, all over the USA. What can I say, he can afford it. Cathy? Catherine, what's wrong? You look so pale.
Eileen: I just, I was wrong you see. Are you positive that nobody ever gets hurt?
Liam: Yes, of course. Jonathan is really strict on his rules.
Eileen: Okay. Okay. That's cool. That's good. You. Are. Good.
Liam: What's wrong, Cathy?
Eileen: Liam, please don't call me Cathy.
Liam: Well then, what's wrong, Catherine?
Eileen: Liam don't call me –
Liam: But that's your name!
Eileen: Honey, I've got to tell you a secret, now that you have come clear with yours. I'm also going to start at the beginning.
Liam: What do you mean?
Eileen: Liam, my name is Eileen, Eileen Beckett.

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