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Describing what you see in a picture

Describe what you see in the picture. Fill in the gaps with a colour and the correct noun.
  • yellow-house
    This is a 

  • white-plane
    There is a 
     in this picture.

  • blue-car
    There is a 
     in this picture.


Talking about possession

Rewrite the sentences as shown in the example. Use a possessive relation. Example: Julia has a new sweatshirt. Julia's new sweatshirt
  1. Andreas has a big house.  

  2. Thomas has an old football.  

  3. The kids have a great teacher.  

  4. Johnny has a new bike.  

  5. Anna has a beautiful ring.  

  6. Mr. Smith has a red car.  


Describing your hobbies and your weekly routine

Think about your hobbies and what you usually do Monday to Sunday. Write them down and use the structures you've learned so far: for example the simple present and the verb "to like". There is no right or wrong answer! You can take a look at and listen to the sample solution if you need to.
My hobbies are horseback riding and playing baseball. I like all sports! On Monday, I usually stay at home and read a book. I like reading! On Tuesday, I sometimes go out to a restaurant and meet some friends. On Wednesday, I play baseball in the evening. On Thursday, I usually stay at home as well. On Friday and Saturday I often go out. I like dancing. On Sunday, I go horseback riding in the afternoon.

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Describing what you are doing at the moment

Imagine that some of your friends are visiting you. While they are at your place, another friend is calling you on the phone. He or she asks what you are doing at the moment. Think about your answer and write it down. Use the present progressive tense as well as some adverbs of time such as just, right now, at the moment, etc. There is no right or wrong answer! You can take a look at the sample solution if you need to.
At the moment, some friends of mine are with me. We are just sitting around chatting. We are talking about old times. Some people are looking at photos from our school days. Others are searching for our classmates on the internet. Some are just smoking cigarettes outside.

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