Quotes calendar

Quotes are text passages that have literally been taken from written or oral speech. In science, quotes are used to make a point or to illustrate an opinion with evidence or examples. In our daily lives, we come across quotes as thought-provoking impulses. You may find them on post cards and posters as well as in magazines. Quotes can give us an impression of events of the day, of culture and moods of people from the time in which the quotes had originally been uttered.
Our category "Quotes of the day" is a collection of quotes which you can rummage through and which you can use for your learning of English:
  • Quotes mostly reflect everyday language. They enable you to learn words in context and in typical usage.
  • Quotes aren't produced artificially but rather authentically. The corresponding author really uttered them. Use the collection as reading material and thereby deal with genuine language use.
  • Quotes often express a concrete event or evaluate something which has made a difference to the time and the environment of the respective author. Thus, quotes also provide you with cultural information.
In addition to the quote you will also find further information on the author:
  • Name: Most of the authors are well-known people who are predominantly from English-speaking countries.
  • Date of either birth or death: We took these dates as a basis for the attribution of the quote to the corresponding day.
  • Things worth knowing: for example nationality and profession.
By clicking on the name of the author, you will reach the wikiquote article on the author which will give you further information.
Our collection of English quotes is so comprehensive that we created a quotes calendar out of it. You will find one or more selected quotes for every day of the year. Generally, the date of either birth or death of the authors has been taken as the basis for the attribution of the quotes to certain days.

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